Aerohorse Plastic Stall Gates – 52″W x 42″H

Plastic Stall Gates
Plastic Stall Gates
Plastic Stall Gates
Stall Gates in different colors

Stall Gates Features:

Made in USA:

  • Very strong
  • Light weight
  • Good ventilation
  • All rounded corners
  • Mount left or right
  • Can open full 180 degrees
  • Indestructible

Price: $275.00 per gate

Stall Gates Description:

  • They are designed to allow for good ventilation yet have small openings for safety.
  • Horse owners will appreciate they are easy to install and can be taken down quickly to move or for cleaning.
  • Fits a typical 4 foot stall opening.
  • Made of the highest quality FDA approved polyethylene.
  • Stall Gates are available in standard colors or may be custom ordered.
  • Include hardware to mount.
  • Never sand and paint your gates again!

Note: Applicable taxes and shipping not included. Weight: 28lbs each

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